Curriculum Used At CCS:

A Beka
Purposeful Design (ACSI)- Bible Curriculum
Our teachers did not feel that any one curriculum satisfied all of our needs and spent many hours developing one that encompasses the best each of the above has to offer. Regrettably, our staff and board felt that the current Christian curriculums available do not meet our high standards for some grade levels in writing, grammar, reading, and math, so we felt the need to supplement with some secular sources. After much consideration and prayer we hand picked several that never veer from the high moral code that is born of our faith. Parents can rest assured that Jesus is taught and cherished in each and every classroom; each and every day. 
Cutting Edge Teaching Techniques:
Most students at Central Christian School, Ft. Wayne participate in Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment, a program that provides opportunity for children to develop fully their cognitive skills, or their ability to learn HOW to learn. For more information on this cutting edge, internationally implemented program, see ICELP and for a school in Brazil who hosts concise information at their website, visit Cognitive Enhancement Program. 
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